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H B.L.S. SA was founded in January 2016 by Georgios Babouklis with the subject of urban, street and sports lighting. Along the way, professional lighting (office buildings – industrial buildings) and architectural lighting (highlighting archaeological sites – shops – hotels) were successfully added.

The seemingly short course of the company does not reflect the experience, as both the founder and the people who staff it, have been active in the field for more than 20 years.

A milestone in history of BLS is the cooperation and the exclusive representation of AEC ILLUMINAZIONE Srl, one of the largest urban and street lighting companies in Europe.


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Our company is human-centered and seeks the most efficient and quality solution for each customer, tailored to the needs.

Our most important goal is to welcome and integrate in the BLS family every customer and partner who will contact us, prioritizing the best techno-economic proposal for him.

The perfect cooperation, the common goals and our commitment to the use of branded and quality products, produce the best result, which makes us one of the most remarkable companies in the Greek market.

We have an excellent department of studies and product support by engineers, as we seek not only the sale of lighting fixtures, but also the provision of integrated lighting proposals.


Projects throughout Greece

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